JLG Releases Self-Leveling Boom Chassis


JLG has included self-leveling chassis technology on its 670SJ MEWP
JLG has included self-leveling chassis technology on its 670SJ MEWP.

MEWP manufacturer JLG has released a boom lift with self-leveling technology, meaning the machine can automatically adapt to terrain on slopes up to 10 degrees in any direction, while driving with full functionality.

The technology, debuting on the 67-foot-platform-height 670SJ, is designed to adjust the MEWP's chassis to the ground conditions—rather than having to adjust the ground conditions to the machine. This allows the 670SJ to navigate uneven terrain while driving at height from one job to the other without lowering the boom.

“On the underside of the machine, you can see that it has four independent axles, each controlled by its own smart hydraulic cylinders," says Shashank Bhatia, VP of engineering for MEWPS, JLG. "These enable each wheel to separately follow the contour of the terrain and stay in constant contact with the ground. This not only allows the machine to continuously and seamlessly self-level, but it does so without requiring operator inputs.”

JLG says its self-leveling technology offers a number of benefits for machine operators and their support crews, including reducing (and in some cases even eliminating) the prep work required to level the work area. That means no more pre-grading the site or constructing cribbing before starting work.

It also eliminates the trial and effort of repositioning a boom lift to find a level work area, the company says. This helps operators get into position and up to the work area quicker, maximizes reach capabilities, and reduces the need for larger, higher-reaching lifts onsite as a backup for added reach when uneven ground conditions exist.

Source: JLG