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JCB 525-60, 560-80, 516-42, 540-200 Telehandlers



JCB has released four telehandlers for the North American market: the 525-60, 560-80, 516-42, and 540-200.

The compact 525-60 model is part of the company’s Hi-Viz construction range. With a maximum lift height of 20 feet and a load capacity of 5,500 pounds, the compact telehandler is 6 feet wide and 6 feet 2 inches tall. The 525-60 Hi-Viz replaces the 524-50, 527-55, and 520-50 rear-engine models with a modern side-engine mount design that permits a low boom pivot point for stability, and visibility to the rear and across the boom. As the boom slopes down to the front of the machine, the operator has an unparalleled high-visibility view to the front wheels and to the forks or attachment, JCB says. A 2.5-liter JCB Diesel by Kohler Tier 4-Final engine delivers 74 horsepower without a DPF or SCR.

The high-capacity 560-80 is a heavy-duty machine engineered for industrial applications, and is considered a heavyweight machine with 12,000 pounds of maximum lift capacity. Maximum lift height is 25 feet 11 inches. JCB says the machine is designed to provide wheel loader-like performance; it’s two-stage boom carries a heavy-duty implement carriage, with a broader boom nose to cope with industrial and waste handling applications. The boom is equipped with a Z-bar linkage, similar to a wheel loader, delivering digging ability and breakout forces as high as 14,950 pounds when used with a bucket.

JCB’s first 16,000-pound-capacity telehandler, the 516-42, features a 42-foot 6-inch lift height. It uses many of the components found on the 514-56, but with improvements like a stronger 3-stage boom, with a heavy-duty inner section and larger diameter, and 3.1-inch lift cylinders. Utilizing a hydraulic cylinder and chain design, this system, just like that on the 514-56, delivers smooth extension and retraction of the boom, according to the company. It also has a similar, but uprated, direct-mount tilting carriage. The forks and 2.75-inch fork shaft from the 514-56 have also been used. The telescopic handler’s chassis benefits from standard heavy-duty JCB axles and 20-ply Titan tires, with three-piece rims, to cope with the additional loads imposed by the higher lift capacity. With the stabilizers deployed, the 516-42 can deliver 6,000 pounds to its full reach of 27 feet 10 inches, and 10,000 pounds to 19 feet 10 inches. At its full lift height the machine can handle 10,000 pounds ideal for industries such as oil and gas. The Tier 4-Final JCB Ecomax engine provides 109 horsepower without the need for a DPF or DOC.

Capable of lifting loads to 65 feet 9 inches, the 540-200 is JCB’s highest lift machine yet for the North American market. With a maximum lift capacity of 8,500 pounds, the 540-200 tool carrier can lift 3,000 pounds to its full height and 400 pounds to its full reach of 52 feet 6 inches. The boom of the 540-200 has been specifically designed for the construction and rental markets, using lighter, higher-grade material to improve the capacity of the machine at reach, the company says.

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