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James Gallimore

AUI Inc.
Shop manager

James manages operations for the 9,000-square-foot shop and 10-acre equipment yard, servicing more than $6 million in equipment. He also oversees field service operations for about $80 million in annual projects. He is reshaping the company’s approach to day-to-day shop operations, according to co-owner Sam Baca. “James is the future of our shop operations, and his leadership and integrity are what is going to get him there,” he says.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, University of New Mexico.

Accomplishments: I moved from shop administrator to shop manager in only six years and now report directly to the VP of equipment.

Off the clock: Outdoor activities with wife and two children.

Extracurricular: Mudd Volleyball event that raises money for New Mexico’s only pediatric rehabilitation hospital, Carrie Tingley Hospital.

Favorite vacation: A week in Ontario fishing for walleye, perch, and northern pike with my dad and uncle.

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