Hydrostatic Drive, Sequenced Steering Saves Mat


Pneumatic Tire Rollers

Bomag pneumatic tire rollerConsidering the increasing importance of the pneumatic-tire roller for today's asphalt mixes, design enhancements in Bomag's new 99-hp BW24RH and 131-hp BW27RH pneumatic tire rollers should be well received. The new rollers are hydrostatically driven, providing infinite speed control to 12 mph and smoothing forward/reverse changes. At the front axle, a two-point steering system allows the inner and outer tire pairs to turn at different rates, facilitating turning and reducing the risk of mat damage. The new rollers have fully ballasted weights of 52,911 and 59,525 pounds and provide a working width of 83.4 inches. List prices start at $130,000.