Hamm Four Cylinder Hi Series Compactors


Single Smooth Drum Vibratory Rollers

H11ix, H13ix, H11i, H13i, and H16i are four-cylinder compactors with Tier 4-Interim compliant engines. The H11ix and H13ix models have 114-horsepower engines that do not require a DPF. The H11i, H13i and H16i have 141 horsepower, and use EGR after treatment and a DPF with automatic regeneration. In addition to the standard smooth-drum models, all are available in padfoot configurations. The H 13i VIO combines conventional vibration with oscillation compaction in a single drum. The Hammtronic drive control system eliminates the manual traction control button and integrates an automatic slip control (ASC).

Hamm H i-Series Compactor Operating Weights

  • H 11ix: 24,617 pounds
  • H 13ix: 28,034 pounds
  • H 11i: 25,434 pounds
  • H 13i: 28,863 pounds
  • H 16i: 35,610 pounds