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Guntert & Zimmerman EGON System


Construction Technology & Software

Guntert & Zimmerman's EGON (Equipment Guidance and Operation Network) system incorporates user-friendly features, a modular state-of-the-art network of controllers, onboard and remote monitoring options, and diagnostic capability to allow ease of use and troubleshooting, the company says.

EGON is available on all Guntert & Zimmerman slipform paving equipment models.

EGON’s Operator Interface features both an operator console and a TFT LCD Display that is mounted directly above the console. The Operator Interface is designed to be intuitive and ergonomically sound. The operator console is designed in a compact package to allow it to be easily moved anywhere along the handrail of the operator platform to fit operator preference. The operator console features switches that are labeled with standard ISO symbols, making it an easy-to-use multi-lingual user interface. The EGON TFT LCD display includes the latest in mobile interface technology such as an anti-glare, high-resolution color screen, and sensor-controlled backlighting to ensure legibility under all ambient light conditions, and CAN, RS-232, and USB interfaces for all control system updates and diagnostics. 

The EGON display gives an all-in-one overview of the paver’s systems, including: the status of all machine I/O (inputs and outputs), system faults, electronic monitoring of all hydraulic pump pressure and filter conditions (clog monitoring with alarm), fuel level, individual forward/reverse track pressure, and machine configuration and mode. In addition to status, EGON also allows the operator to modify important machine settings such as paver dimensions, sensor calibration, gain values, crown and slope adjustments, and the ability to change machine travel modes via an automated process.

EGON’s onboard TFT Display will walk the operator through the automated steps as well as directing the steps required by ground personnel. The mode reconfiguration processes include the following: paving to 90 degree, paving to counter-rotate, paving to transport, and back-to-paving from each respective mode.

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