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GSSI StructureScan Mini XT Updates


Underground Construction

Underground scanning equipment

Updates to the StructureScan Mini XT all-in-one GPR concrete inspection system include a software update and a newly designed survey wheel for the Palm XT Antenna.

The product is designed for locating rebar, conduits, post-tension cables, and voids. The Mini XT also can help identify structural elements, including pan deck and concrete cover, and can provide real time determination of concrete slab thickness. The Palm XT is a miniaturized GPR antenna designed to enhance the capabilities of the Mini XT by giving users access in tightly spaced areas and enabling easier overhead scanning. A Mini XT software update with version 1.5.0 allows users to manually adjust their gain–the artificial addition of signal in order to counteract the natural effects of attenuation. Previously, the Mini XT only provided an “Auto Gain” function, which adjusts the screen brightness to either brighten under-gained (weak) images or dampen over-gained (saturated) images.

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