Graco LDX, SDX, XDX Hose Reels


Lubricating Equipment, Truck- or Trailer-Mounted

Graco Hose Reels

The Graco LDX, SDX, and XDX series of hose reels allow for smoother releases and consistent recoiling with less maintenance, the company says.

The retractable hose reels handle all common fluids. The LDX is industrial grade, SDX is professional grade, and the XDX hose reels are designed for extreme, heavy-duty use. Reels include an all-metal frame and spool to help protect key components from dirt and debris and other workplace hazards. The hose reels come in a wide range of lengths, diameters, supported fluid types, and colors, and can be mounted multiple ways to accommodate any application. They are designed with an all-metal frame and specially crafted components. The XDX hose reels are sealed and suitable for heavy-duty use in any indoor or outdoor environment by mining maintenance facilities, lube trucks, and heavy equipment dealers.