GOMACO C-750 cylinder finisher


Paving Equipment & Materials Production

GOMACO C-750 cylinder finisherGOMACO’s C-750 cylinder finisher, with the capability of finishing concrete up to 156 feet wide, has many of the same features as the company’s C-450 cylinder finisher. Among those features are automatic advance, automatic self-widening carriage, powered widening to maintain crown position on tapered decks, and an enhanced monitoring system that provides panel-mounted gauges for bogie- and carriage-circuit pressures. An auger levels the concrete, the cylinders consolidate and finish the material, and the float pan seals and textures the surface of the slab. A 360-degree turntable on the upper carriage allows maximum skewing of the undercarriage to keep the finishing cylinders parallel to the center of the slab. The C-750 also features an externally vibrated undercarriage, which allows vibration to be applied closer to the finishing cylinders for an enhanced finish.