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Tapers Slab Width Automatically

GOMACO concrete paver



GOMACO's new auto-width-adjustment option provides sensor control of paving-width changes on the go. String line is set to follow the desired taper of the slab, and sensors on the paver use that string line to control cylinders for extending the frame and side-shifting the mold. The operator — with a switch of a button — turns the system to automatic when approaching a width transition, and the mold adjusts to the new paving width automatically. This is a stand-alone package that can be installed on any GOMACO paver with the hydraulically variable V2 mold.


Number of models: 4

Product-line features: GOMACO's road pavers include the 28,500-pound GT-6300 that transports at 8 feet 2 inches wide; the 33,400-pound Commander III — with versatility to flat pave widths up to 20 feet, integral curbs, and to slipform 80-inch bridge parapet; and the 115,000-pound GP-4000 that paves 50 feet wide in a pass. 





Power Pavers concrete paverPower Pavers

Two Routes to 32-Foot Paving

Both of Power Pavers' two-track machines are capable of maximum slab widths of 32 feet with bolt-in extensions, but the company positions its 65,000-pound SF-3000 as the paver for meeting profilograph specs on airports and roads. The 48,000-pound SF-2700 is a low-profile machine with a 215-hp Cummins diesel (compared to the SF-3000's 250-hp Cummins), which Power Pavers recommends for paving parking lots, city streets and residential developments.

Number of models: 2

Product-line features: Power Pavers' grade system employs four hydraulic grade cylinders — two mounted on each track — for nearly 24 inches of lift. They're controlled by four proportional hydraulic sensors reading from dual string line or lock-to-grade referencing. 

Guntert & Zimmerman concrete paverGuntert & Zimmerman

Quick Width Changes At Lower Cost

Guntert & Zimmerman developed a kit to increase the maximum working width of the S850 paver to 37.5 feet wide. The S850ST — ST for "Single Telescopic" — has a fixed bolster, or track module, on one end of the 10- or 12-foot center frame, and a telescoping Quadra Bolster on the other. The machine offers paving-width changes in a matter of hours from 10 to 17 feet or 12 to 19 feet at lower cost than G&Z's double-telescoping S850 Quadra.

Number of models: 4

Product-line features: G&Z mid-size pavers are designed to self-load on trailers without need for a crane. G&Z says quick width changes require nothing more than a mechanic's truck or small boom crane. 

Terex Roadbuilding concrete paverTerex Roadbuilding

26-Inch Tubing Stiffens New 32-Foot Paver

Terex Roadbuilding used 26-inch support tubes in the frame of its new SF-3502B to reduce deflection — the object being to reduce yields and deliver a smoother road surface needing little to no grinding to meet smoothness specifications. The vibrator manifold mounts directly to the paving kit, cutting in half the amount of hose required. Telescoping walkway, handrails, and vibrator manifold reduce the time needed for width changes and transport.

Number of models: 8

New models: SF-3502B

Product-line features: The SF-3502B is powered by the 350-hp Cat C-9 diesel (Tier-3-certified), mounted in a low-rise compartment that enhances the operator's view to the front of the paver. The SF-3502B is a two-track machine, and Terex RB plans a four-track SF-3504B. 

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

Variable-Width Paving Throughout

HEM has been steadily adding features and options to its concrete-paver line, this year applying the hydraulic sliding frame for paving-width changes on the go to models 12–27 and 14–37. The pavers also incorporate a new high-profile frame design.

Number of models: 5

New models: 12-27H and 14-37H

Product-line features: HEM now offers an automatic dowel-bar inserter, and canal-paving options for its slipformers. The company touts thereliability of its all-hydraulic guidance and grade-control systems. An outrigger lift system raises the pavers high enough for a lowboy trailer to be backed under them. 

Rexcon concrete paverRexcon

Hydraulics Replace Electrical Boards

In an effort to improve usability and serviceability, Rexcon eliminated control boards in the electrical system of its Town and Country paver by using more hydraulic systems. Hydraulic sensors and cylinders replace grade sensors and screw jacks, and the machine steers with a Sauer Danfoss Proportional Rotary Position Controller.

Number of models: 1

Product-line features: The Town and Country's auger-control cables were replaced with an electrical control system, including a shut-off override. And cable control of the tamper bar system is being replaced with electrical controls. Rexcon is also increasing the tamper-bar motor's output torque, equipping it to handle stiffer mixes.