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Fontaine Designs Cab for Hauling Special Loads


Trucking & Hauling

The Peterbilt 365 with a narrowed cab.

Fontaine Modification Co. has developed a narrow cab for Peterbilt trucks to help fleets improve maneuverability when hauling special loads. The narrow cab allows operators to haul materials such as utility poles and steel to off-road sites.

Fontaine worked with equipment manufacturers and a utility company in development, narrowing the cab of a Peterbilt 365 by 18.5 inches, taking it from 72.5 inches wide down to 54 inches. The modification created more space to transport poles or steel on both sides of the cab, while meeting legal requirements.

Since typical cab width limits the amount of product that may be hauled on either side, fleets have had to use modified or over-width trucks to carry the materials needed for a project, according to Fontaine. With this modification, the cab has narrowed while still maintaining factory aesthetics in the cab.

Source: Fontaine