Eye Trax Solar-Powered Security System



Eye Trax Solar-Powered Security System

According to Eye Trax, its wireless, solar powered construction camera fills a void in remote areas where security and surveillance are difficult, because of the logistics and cost of providing power and an Internet connection. The company’s cellular based construction camera is powered by a solar panel, triggered by motion, has night vision capabilities, and is controlled by a web-based user interface or mobile phone application. These features, says Eye Trax, combine with all the traditional features of a time-lapse video camera.

The system utilizes an integrated, passive infrared sensor that measures changes in thermal activity in the camera viewing area. A passive infrared sensor creates an invisible thermal grid in front of the camera viewing area, and if the grid is disturbed with a new thermal profile (person, vehicle, or large animal, for instance), this “event” triggers the camera in less than a half-second.

Resulting pictures are stamped with the time and location and are sent immediately over a secure cellular network to Eye Trax cloud-based servers. When events are delivered to a mobile phone, says Eye Trax, pictures are only seconds old, the perpetrators are likely still on the site, and the contractor can contact authorities in enough time for possible apprehension.

The Eye Trax Barrel Mounting Pole System, available for the company’s Ranger Series cameras, eliminates the need to install a mounting pole for surveillance system. The mounting system uses a 55-gallon plastic drum and three steel poles that bolt together into a 12-foot mast. The 25-pound barrel, when filled with water, weighs nearly 500 pounds and, says Eye Trax, can withstand hurricane 3 force winds. When moving the barrel, a spigot at the base allows water to be easily emptied.