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Equipment Manager Confidence Index


Equipment Manager
Confidence Index
Introducing the Equipment Manager Confidence Index, from Construction Equipment. Our markets are facing challenges and now, more than ever, equipment leaders need to tap into the voice of their peers to help us all better understand where the industry is going and how we are all responding.
Equipment Manager Confidence Index (EMCI)
Updated: Quarterly
The Equipment Manager Confidence Index is a custom algorithm that combines multiple inputs to calculate a score from 0 to 200. The higher it is, the more confident equipment managers are.
Insights Beyond the Index.
Equipment Owners and Operators: spend 5 minutes supplying your responses, get long term access to critical trends beyond the Index. Find out how peers are managing equipment acquisition, rental, disposition and maintenance.
And insights are delivered in a secure, online intelligence platform.
How does this process work?
  • Submit your reponses in a 2-3 minute survey.
  • At the end, register for free to receive monthly trends results, when available.
  • Invite as many users in your company as you’d like to receive the insights.
The EMCI’s resulting insights are free to organizations that own and operate equipment. If you are a manufacturer, dealer, finance company or other vendor, go to: request paid access.
The EMCI Platform
Equipment Manager Confidence Index

How do Equipment Managers feel about the economy and its future?

  • Equipment Manager Confidence Index
  • Overall Economy Health
  • Current Fleet Health: Now vs Last Year
  • Future Fleet Health: Now vs One Year from Now
Equipment Ownership Trends

How are Ownership Trends Shifting?

  • Equipment Acquisition - Better or Worse Time to Buy New?
  • Equipment Disposition - Better or Worse Time to Sell Used?
Equipment Rental Trends

How are Rental Trends Changing

  • External Rental - Better or Worse Time to Rent Externally?
  • Peer-To-Peer Rental - Better or Worse Time to Generate Revenue This Way?
Equipment Maintenance Trends

How are Maintenance Trends Evolving?

  • Planned Maintenance - Spend More or Less Than Last Year?
  • Rebuilds - More or Less Likely Than Last Year?
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