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Embark Tests Autonomous Truck in Snow


Embark Truck

Embark Trucks has announced the completion of autonomous on-road testing in snowy conditions in Montana.

The testing, which the company announced had started at the beginning of 2022, was conducted to demonstrate the performance and safety of its Vision Map Fusion (VMF) technology in regions that experience severe winter weather, according to a report in Futurride.

Results from the testing demonstrate that in about 90 percent of runs through the snowy conditions under study, VMF should operate successfully or pause and resume travel within acceptable shipper delivery windows. The company says that conditions like these could result in more significant delays for competitive HD map-based autonomous driving systems, Futurride reported.

The testing used Embark-powered trucks traveling on a 60-mi round trip route on public roads between Clinton and Missoula, Montana, in varying winter weather situations. In addition to on-road testing, the company developed a comprehensive weather model using over 8 billion historical weather data points (dating back over 10 years for all major U.S. routes) to analyze the impact of snow at a lane level across the U.S.

Read the entire story here.

Source: Futurride

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