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EarthCam 5G Construction Camera


Theft Prevention

A security camera

The company’s 5G construction camera, in collaboration with Sierra Wireless, Verizon, and AT&T, makes it possible to send an almost unlimited amount of visual data from the job site.

It enables live-streaming, drone, and security analytic applications as well as time-lapse documentation. StreamCam 5G offers 4K streaming, 10 Megapixel photography, and a low cost of operation. A built-in Edge Video Recorder enables 120 days continuous recording. Downloading a full day of security recordings takes less than 5 minutes, previously with 4G, that same transfer would take more than two hours, EarthCam says. It features a heavy-duty housing and a maintenance-free wiper, along with remote diagnostics, and battery and data backup optimize performance.

Solar power upgrades are also available to create a fully autonomous 5G solution.

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