E-Z Drill



E-Z Drill 210B SRA slab-riding rock drillThe 240B SRA drill system combines the features of E-Z Drill’s 210B SRA slab-riding rock drill with the ability to convert to a pneumatic core drill. The conversion requires a few simple tools and E-Z Drill says it can be done quickly on site. The core drill’s three-speed pneumatic motor (400, 900 and 1,600 rpm) requires 77 CFM minimum air flow. The rock drill requires 100 CFM. The unit can core and drill holes from 5/8-inch diameter up to 2 ½ inches, and penetrates up to 18 inches. The 240B SRA’s will operate in a 4-foot patch. The 240B SRA can drill vertically in rock drill and core drill configuration with just a few adjustments.