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E-Z DrillWith the new 240B SRA “combo” drill system, E-Z Drill is touting “a new concept in concrete drills.” The 240B SRA combines the standard features of the established 210B SRA model with the ability to convert to a pneumatic core drill, thus catering to both rock drilling and core drilling applications, and eliminating the need for separate systems. The core drill utilizes a three-speed motor and requires a minimum of 77 cubic feet per minute of air for operation. The standard rock drill configuration requires 100 cubic feet per minute. The conversion process, says E-Z Drill, requires a few simple tools and is quickly completed right on the jobsite. The unit can core and drill holes from 0.625 to 2.5 inches in diameter, up to 18 inches deep. A compact frame design allows the unit to operate in a 4-foot patch while drilling to within 6 inches of a corner.