Durapatcher P-5 Pothole Patcher


Patching Plants, Asphalt

The P-5 Pothole Patcher is operated from within the carrier cab to repair potholes using spray injection. The unit cleans the pothole with high-pressure air, applies a tack coat, fills the patch with sufficient velocity to compact the emulsion-coated aggregate, and applies a final coat. The result is a permanently repaired pothole that can be driven over immediately. Spray injectio

In-cab operation features a single joystick with color-coded buttons corresponding to the four steps, and a display informs of their sequence in the patching operation. The joystick controls the three-section boom that incorporates a nozzle at the tip that is clearly visible from the cab. The boom folds against the front bumper for travel. Pre-set amounts of aggregate and emulsion can be programmed to speed patching and minimize waste, the company says.

The covered hopper carries 5 cubic yards of aggregate that is mixed with emulsion from a pressurized 300-gallon tank and injected into the pothole using compressed air. The emulsion tank has an overnight heater so patching can begin immediately in the morning, with an optional aggregate heater for colder climates. A dedicated 74-horsepower diesel operates the air compressor.