Ditch Witch Vacuum Excavation System


Underground Construction

The Ditch Witch FX30 Vacuum Excavation System is both a portable vacuum unit which can do a variety of utility clean-up operations and a powerful "soft" excavating machine for digging small, precisely controlled excavations to expose buried utilities and other buried objects.

Powered by a 28-horsepower diesel engine, the FX30's powerful two-lobe blower develops 500 cfm and develops 15 inches of mercury. The unit's drive system provides efficient use of power, and the clutch of the high-pressure water pump automatically disengages when water is not in use, allowing full horsepower to go to the blower and a single element, 3-micron, 100-square-foot filter cleans air going to the blower. The quiet-running unit produces sound pressure of only 73 decibels.

A primary use of the vacuum function for utility construction is to keep surface areas of construction sites free of drilling fluids that escape from bore holes during directional drilling. The FX30 quickly sucks up fluids into its 800-gallon vacuum tank which tips to a 45-degree angle for dumping. Standard suction hose is 3 inches in diameter. The vacuum capability also is useful for cleaning out manholes, catch basins, conduit and pipe, vehicle wash pits, and grease traps.

The FX30 can dig potholes to expose buried pipe or cable without the risk of damage associated with backhoes, excavators, or other mechanical tools. The unit has a 200-gallon tank to hold the water supply for excavating. Soil is displaced by a high-pressure stream of water can be precisely directed with a hand-held wand. Water pressures of 0 to 3000 psi can be reached depending on job requirements.

The machine also can excavate loose soils by air vacuum. The excavating function is useful anytime small excavations must be made.

The FX30 is available on an 18,000-pound GVWR trailer, or on skids for truck mounting. Standard tools include hoses with quick couplers, suction and potholing tools, wash wand, and lockable hose reel.