Ditch Witch OptiCut Digging System



Ditch Witch OptiCut Digging System

OptiCut digging system for walk-behind trenchers has maintenance-free teeth and 19,000 pounds of tensile strength.

The all-in-one chain design features integrated tooth technology that matches the life of the chain by eliminating one-by-one tooth replacement and associated replacement costs, the company says.

For trenches up to 36 inches deep and 3.5 inches wide, the system uses a low-profile tooth design for a smoother cut with less wear on the chain, the company says. The oversized roller design reduces friction, which frees up power for digging. Tooth configurations include a 4-pitch DuraTooth, a 2-pitch Shark, and a 2-pitch DuraTooth/Shark combination.

Patent-pending sprockets extend the life of the chain by utilizing a mud-relief design for improved cleanout and more even roller wear, the company says.

The system is compatible with C12, C14, C16, C16X, C24X and C30X trenchers, but can be adapted to other makes and models through the use of a special conversion sprocket.