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Ditch Witch MT26 Microtrencher


Underground Construction

Ditch Witch MT26 Microtrencher.

The Ditch Witch MT26 microtrencher attachment can cut a clean trench from 1.5 inches up to 3 inches wide and down to 26 inches deep. Reaching depths of up to 26 inches allows contractors to install a typical 2-inch fiber or power cable line with the required 2-feet of ground cover at the same time. 

Additionally, the ability to create a trench up to 3 inches wide helps simplify the trench cleaning process. The MT26 does this by vacuum excavating the spoils from microtrencher simultaneously as the microtrencher cuts along the road.

The attachment can also be equipped with a variety of blades, including the standard carbide-tipped blades and the Ditch Witch PDC blades. All blades are easily changeable with standard hand tools. The MT26 is also compatible with 4-, 5- and 6-inch vacuum excavator hoses.

The MT26 is the latest addition to the Ditch Witch family of microtrenchers, which includes the MT9, MT12 and MT16. 

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