Destiny USA Launches On-Site Wireless Mesh Network


Construction Technology & Software

Syracuse, N.Y. – The managers of a 4.4-million-square-foot extended job site announced April 1 that they had installed a wireless network to provide secure communication on the site. Destiny USA’s new wireless network integrates with its existing network infrastructure. The new network:

  • provides for real-time communication between architects and people working in the field;
  • allows users to operate a paperless job site more efficiently;
  • uses green construction practices that create significant benefits to our environment;
  • enhances safety by minimizing movements across the site; and
  • enables team members to use mobile-to-mobile communications while avoiding expenses associated with the installation of fiber optic lines.

Armed with tablet PCs supplied by Motion Computing and IBM, Destiny USA Innovators and construction partners are able to work from a common set of plans, with the ability to communicate those plans electronically in real time. This speeds up the decision-making process and improves the overall quality of the construction. In addition, the job site has become a safer place because safety specialists are able to be in the field longer. Instead of transcribing paper field notes into digital reports back in the office, all information is captured once, saving time and increasing accuracy. With the network in place, those important pieces of information can be routed to the appropriate parties immediately, making the site a safer place to work.

"Destiny USA is a dynamic initiative with many forward-thinking initiatives under way," said Brian Watson, project manager for Cianbro Corporation. "We are recycling a percentage of our construction debris and waste, using biodiesel in all the equipment, and working with Global Positioning System technology as well as several other exciting construction initiatives."

"Destiny USA sees this implementation of high-speed wireless communication as the plumbing of innovation. By providing this type of infrastructure for its construction partners, more efficient construction results can be achieved," said Matt Holt of Syracuse-based communications integrator Kishmish.