Concrete Recycling Creates New Const. Material


Cement being poured into the ground.

Researchers at the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, have created a procedure for recycling concrete, which combines the building material with discarded wood. According to an article in E&T, this forms a new material with a bendable strength, superior to that of the original concrete.

According to the article, the material consists of aggregate and cement. Researchers adjusted the mixture proportion, pressure, temperature, pressing duration, and water content of the material. Finding the right proportion of concrete and recycled wood was critical to obtaining concrete with the most strength, according to researchers. 

According to the article, the team believes it could reduce construction costs and slash carbon emissions in the building sector. The material is likely to be biodegradable, as the concrete waste is attached to the wood component. They also hope the method could be extended to recycle other types of discarded plant matter, instead of wood. 

Source: E&T