Compactor Rollover Safety Tips


Single Smooth Drum Vibratory Rollers

Compactor Rollover Safety Tips

An instructional video from WorkSafeBC highlights a specific case in order to provide advice on how to avoid a rollover accident with a vibratory-drum compactor. A single-drum vibratory compactor slid down an embankment, rolling over and throwing out the operator, who suffered serious injuries.

The embankment alongside the road had a grade of 52 percent, far exceeding the 10-percent grade signifying a rollover hazard. In addition, the operator had the door open in order to see the edge of the road and the rear tires.

As the compactor drum extended beyond the road edge, it slipped. As the operator tried to move back from the edge, the machine tipped over and rolled down the embankment.

The tips:

  • Use the correct equipment for the task.
  • Assess the site for rollover risks.
  • Provide proper instruction and supervision.