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Caterpillar CB64, CB66, CB68 B Series Rollers


Tandem Vibratory Rollers

Caterpillar CB64, CB66, CB68 B Series Rollers

The CB64B, CB66B, and CB68B double-drum vibratory rollers have Cat Compaction Control technological enhancements. Auto-Adjustable Compaction optimizes compaction by delivering the highest amplitude possible without de-coupling or over-compacting, the company says. Pass-Count and Temperature Mapping systems provide real-time visual references of the passes made and asphalt mat temperatures present. Machine to Machine Communication helps keep rolling patterns in sync by sharing coverage and pass-count maps between the operating displays of multiple machines. Compaction Meter Value technology uses a drum-mounted accelerometer to measure and record forces of the vibrating drums.

The CB64B 79-inch drums, and the CB66B and CB68B have 84-inch drums. The high-capacity water spray system has dual spray bars, dual pumps, triple filtration, and adjustable intermittent operation.

The 142-horsepower Cat C4.4 ACERT engine is Tier 4-Final, and automatic Eco-mode boosts fuel economy and reduces sound levels.

The Versa Vibe system provides two settings for lighter hitting and higher working speeds on thin lifts; and two settings for heavier hitting, and slower speeds, on thick lifts.

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