Caterpillar 815K Soil Compactor


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Caterpillar 815K Soil Compactor

The 815K soil compactor, weighing 49,353 pounds and equipped with a Cat C7.1 Tier 4-Final engine, features a Caterpillar-built power train, and the available Cat Compaction Control system and Cat COMPACT technologies provide compaction-measurement and mapping capabilities that enhance the overall efficiency of the compaction process, says Caterpillar.

Design features, says Caterpillar, include a full-box-section rear frame that resists torsional shock and heavy-duty steering-cylinder mounts that dissipate steering loads into the frame. Axle mounting is designed to provide increased structural integrity, says the company.

The 815K achieves compaction from the bottom of the lift to the top, says Caterpillar, and the tampered wheel tips “walk” out of the lift without fluffing the soil, leaving the top of the lift compacted with a relatively smooth and sealed surface. Benefits, says the company, include allowing haul units to maintain high speeds on the surface when delivering fill, which the 815K can spread without assistance, possibly eliminating extra on-site machines. Each wheel has two cleaner bars with hardened-steel, adjustable tips.

Available for the 815K is the Cat Compaction Control system, which uses Machine Drive Power (MDP) technology to measure rolling resistance and to correlate resistance with soil stiffness. The MDP system works in both cohesive and granular soils, says Caterpillar. An optional 3D mapping system correlates compaction measurements with the machine’s location, providing a graphic, real-time view of compaction progress and a record of compaction results.

In addition, says Caterpillar, available Cat COMPACT technologies combine an advanced compaction- measurement system with in-cab guidance and reporting capabilities to assist in meeting compaction targets, uniformly, in minimum passes, saving fuel and rework costs.

The 815K’s operator station is isolation-mounted to reduce vibration and sound, and a Cat Comfort Series III air-suspension seat is standard. Temperature control is automatic, and a cab-pressurization system uses filtered air to keep the cab environment clean.

The 815K uses the Cat STIC steering control, which allows single-lever steering and finger-tip transmission control, as well as an electro-hydraulic, single-lever implement-control system. The left pedal acts as a brake, transmission neutralizer, and engine decelerator. The decelerator allows quickly overriding the engine speed selected by the throttle lock to slow the machine when maneuvering.

815K Soil Compactor Specifications

  • Engine make: Cat C7.1 ACERT
  • Rated power: 248 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 49,353 pounds
  • Hyd. flow: 23.5 gpm
  • Max. fwd speed: 13.2 mph