Caterpillar 538 Forest Machine


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Cat 538 forest machine.

Caterpillar 538 Forest Machine has a new electrohydraulic control system with 10 percent more swing torque and updates to the drive system that result in a 12 percent increase in travel speed. High Wide undercarriage provides 15 percent greater ground clearance.

Operating weight is 65,268 pounds on the Caterpillar forest machine. Maximum reach as a general forestry road builder is 32 feet 3 inches, as a log loader, it is 37 feet 10 inches.

The 173-horsepower Cat 7.1 engine is flexible to run on biodiesel up to B20. Smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to working conditions to help reduce fuel consumption up to 5 percent.

Cold-start capability for the Cat 538 is -25 F, and it offers high ambient temperature operation reaching 118 F. It can operate at altitudes reaching 9,842 feet without derating. Fuel tank capacity is more than double the previous model.

The cab is 25 percent larger than the previous model. Ingress/egress is easier due to the cab’s wider and taller door and tilt-up console on the operator’s seat.

The new Operator ID allows each operator to program and store their own machine settings and attachment function preferences. A larger 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen monitor delivers intuitive navigation through operating menus and includes a digital version of the operator’s manual for quick reference.

A larger, 1.25-inch polycarbonate front window improves visibility and operating safety, the company says. Smaller cab pillars with the large panoramic windows and recessed right front of the machine contribute to 50 percent better visibility than the previous model. Two different cab risers are available: 6.5-inch fixed or 48-inch hydraulic tilt.

Compared to the previous model, the Cat 538 lowers maintenance costs by up to 15 percent over the course of 12,000 hours of operation due to improved filters and service intervals. The improved filters and synchronized replacement intervals result in greater uptime and 50 fewer filters being consumed over 12,000 hours. Fuel filters feature a synchronized 1,000-hour change interval, which doubles the service life of the previous model. A new hydraulic oil return filter improves filtration and delivers a 3,000-hour service life, which is 50 percent longer than previous designs.

The high-efficiency, hydraulically driven cooling fan runs only when necessary; reversing intervals are programmable to enable the fan to keep the radiator cores clean without interrupting the work schedule.

Cat 538 Forest Machine Specifications

Engine: Cat C7.1

Power: 173 horsepower

Operating weight without attachment, General Forestry: 65,268 pounds

Operating weight without attachment, Log Loader: 69,357 pounds

Max reach, General Forestry Road Builder: 32 feet 3 inches

Max reach, Log Loader Over/Under: 37 feet 10 inches

Drawbar pull: 55,303 lb.-ft.

Swing torque: 72,281 lb.-ft.