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Camso SKS 753, SKS 532 Skid Steer Tires for Different Surface Conditions


Tires, On- and Off-Highway

The company has released two skid steer loader tires: The Camso SKS 753 provides versatility and durability on mixed and hard surfaces, while the Camso SKS 532 delivers traction on soft soil surfaces.

The two tires are the fourth and fifth skid steer tires the company has launched since January 2015. Camso SKS 753 is a bias-ply, pneumatic tire designed for rental fleets and other mixed and hard surfaces. Its high lug-to-void ratio provides wear and puncture resistance on hard surfaces, while its stepped shoulder lugs improve traction on softer surfaces. The Camso SKS 532 delivers traction in mixed soft surfaces found in general-duty construction and landscaping applications. Its stepped tread pattern allows mud clean out and comes with a Void Guard to reinforce and protect the carcass to prevent punctures and minimize flats.

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