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Buying File Gallery: Skid-Steer Loaders




New Holland


Industry's Smallest Vertical-Lift Model


New Holland


New Holland makes the point that its product line has the most vertical-lift models in the less-than-1,601-pound category (three); and that its LS140, with a rated operating capacity of 1,250 pounds, is the smallest vertical-lift machine in the market. The company's three smallest machines, the LS140, LS150 and LS160, feature an Advanced Warning System that monitors critical machine systems and an onboard diagnostic system.

Models less than 1,601 lbs. ROC: 3

Product-line features: Among the distinctive features of the New Holland skid-steer is the company's Superboom, a vertical-lift design that, according to the company, provides increases in lift capacity, forward reach, machine stability and productivity.








Seat-Bar Instruments and Boom-Float

KomatsuRelatively new to the market, Komatsu skid-steers feature low-effort hydraulic controls and restraint bars that incorporate an LCD gauge panel and warning-light system. Buckets are self-leveling, and the boom has a float position to facilitate back dragging and attachment handling. Control patterns can be changed with the flip of a lever.

Models less than 1,601 lbs. ROC: 2

Product-line features: Borrowing technology from its larger earthmoving machines, Komatsu has incorporated its HydrauMind hydraulic system into its skid-steers. The system is designed, says Komatsu, "for both single and simultaneous movements to achieve unsurpassed controllability in positioning the bucket."


Roomy Cab and Direct Injection

BobcatThe newest of the new in Bobcat's extensive skid-steer line is the S130, with a standard ROC of 1,300 pounds that increases to 1,400 pounds with added counterweight. The S130 replaces a mainstay of the Bobcat range, the 753, and uses a 46-hp Kubota diesel engine with direct fuel injection.

Models less than 1,601 lbs. ROC: 5

New models: S130, S150, S160

Product-line features: Bobcat cabs feature the company's BICS interlock control system, rear-pivot seat bar and easy-to-remove windows, along with available factory air-conditioning (most models) and a keyless-start security system. The machines use dual-path engine cooling and heavy-duty drive chains that are adjustment-free.


Wide Selection of Buckets

VolvoVolvo's two smallest skid-steers, the MC60 and MC70, are available with three bucket types (dirt, landscape and landscape w/teeth), and each type is available in widths of 60, 66 and 72 inches. Both machines provide substantial auxiliary-hydraulic flow (16.6 gpm @ 2,500 psi), and an optional high-flow system for the MC70 provides 30.6 gpm at the same pressure.

Models less than 1,601 lbs. ROC: 2

Product-line features: Volvo skid-steers feature a permanently lubricated universal joint for transferring power from the engine to the hydrostatic transmission, welded unitized frames, adjustable drive chains and corrosion-resistant pins in the loader linkage.

Thomas Equipment

"Tiny but Tough"

Thomas EquipmentThat's the way Thomas Equipment promotes its smallest skid-steer, Model 85, having a rated operating capacity of 850 pounds and a working width of 36 inches. Only the Bobcat 463, with a ROC of 700 pounds, is smaller. The four-model range of less-than-1,601-pound machines offers rated operating capacities from 850 to 1,500 pounds. All are powered by Kubota engines.

Models less than 1,601 lbs. ROC: 4

New models: 137

Product-line features: Thomas uses a direct mechanical coupling between the engine and hydrostatic-drive pumps on many of its machines, along with heavy-duty drive chains. All the company's skid-steers have a five-year/5,000-hour warranty, which provides three-year/3,000-hour full-machine coverage, and additional two-year/2,000-hour coverage for the drive train


Restyled Cabs and Radial-Piston Motors

CaterpillarThe recent introduction of Caterpillar's second-generation skid-steers (the B-Series) brought new cab interiors, which feature joystick controllers with "improved functionality," visibility enhancements and high-efficiency climate controls. The 226B, which can be equipped with optional air conditioning, now uses a turbocharged engine with 57 net horsepower.

Models less than 1,601 lbs. ROC: 2

New models: 216B, 226B

Product-line features: Caterpillar's skid-steers are equipped with low-effort, pilot-operated hydraulic controls configured in the standard ISO pattern, but can be converted to an "H" pattern in larger models. Common design elements include radial-piston drive motors, hydraulically driven cooling fans, adjustable axles and a wide selection of proprietary work tools.


PowerView Boom and Control Choices

GehlGehl's skid-steer line ranges in standard rated operating capacities from 1,050 to 3,675 pounds. Among the company's newest models is the 4640, which uses the Duetz air/oil-cooled 2011 diesel engine and features an optional high-flow hydraulic system providing 30 gpm at 2,750 psi.

Models less than 1,601 lbs. ROC: 3

New models: 4640

Product-line features: Loaders feature the company's self-leveling bucket linkage and PowerView boom, designed to enhance side visibility. A choice of control systems includes Gehl's proprietary T-Bar (Hands-Only) system, plus the "Dual-Hand" and "Hand-Foot" systems.

John Deere

ROC Gains 500 Pounds with Counterweight

John DeereWhen the John Deere 240 Series-II skid-steer is equipped with an optional counterweight system, its standard ROC of 1,500 pounds increases to 2,000 pounds. This 51-hp (net) machine uses the John Deere 3029 PowerTech engine, featuring a wet-sleeve design. Its low, integrated boom stops enhance traction and leverage for more aggressive digging.

Product-line features: Deere will soon replace its 200 Series skid-steers with all-new 300 Series models, including the 317, 320, 325, 328 and 332. Thus, the model 317—with a standard ROC of 1,750 pounds—will replace the 240 Series II as the smallest machine in the Deere range. The new models feature a patented vertical-reach boom, John Deere 250 Series PowerTech engines, redesigned electrical systems and enhanced hydraulic systems.


Powerful Auxiliary Hydraulics

Case 40TXThe Case 40XT, with a ROC of 1,500 pounds, features the company's 4-390 engine with 56 net horsepower and a standard auxiliary-hydraulic system that provides 19.1 gpm at 3,000 psi. An optional high-flow system is rated at 32 gpm at 3,000 psi. Other options include ride control and a hydraulically actuated attachment coupler.

Models less than 1,601 lbs. ROC: 1

Product-line features: According to Case, its XT skid-steer line is built around the concept of "compact power," which combines high engine horsepower and high hydraulic horsepower with a heavy-duty frame. The concept results in a machine with long life and durable performance.


Tailor Widths for Maximum Maneuverability

MustangMustang's three smallest models—the 2022, 2032 and 2044—have rated operating capacities of 1,050, 1,250 and 1,450 pounds, respectively. The two smallest models can be configured to widths varying from 48 to 58 inches, depending on selected tire options.

Models less than 1,601 lbs. ROC: 3

New models: 2044

Product-line features: Mustang Mfg., a Gehl company, has been building skid-steers since 1965, and bills itself as the "second-oldest skid-steer manufacturer in the world." Like Gehl, Mustang builds a pair of really big machines, the 2099 and the 2109, with rated operating capacities of 3,400 and 3,675 pounds.


Cummins A-Series Power

DaewooDaewoo's 430-PLUS, with a rated operating capacity of 1,450 pounds, features a Cummins A2000 diesel engine rated at 45 net horsepower. The 430-PLUS is available with an optional high-flow auxiliary hydraulic system that delivers 25.9 gpm at 2,540 psi.

Models less than 1,601 lbs. ROC: 1

Product-line features: The Cummins engine used in the 430-PLUS has a displacement of 2 liters, is Tier-2 compliant, and features fuel-injection and air-handling systems designed to improve combustion efficiency.


Left-Side Entry and Servo Control

JCBJCB's two models in this category are the Robot 160 and Robot 170, with rated operating capacities of 1,322 and 1,543 pounds, respectively. Available controls for these machines include a "full-servo" system that places drive functions in the left joystick and all loader functions in the right.

Models less than 1,601 lbs. ROC: 2

Product-line features: Among the most distinctive features of the skid-steer range is the single-loader-arm boom, which provides safe and convenient access to the operator's compartment via a left-side door. Plus, the "low-slung" design of the boom arm, says JCB, allows superior visibility to the rear and right side of the machine.





Buying File Feature: Smaller Skid-Steers Always in Demand





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