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BOMAG CR 1030 W, CR 1030 T Asphalt Pavers


Asphalt Paver - Tracked

BOMAG wheeled asphalt paver has 16.7-ton hopper capacity.

BOMAG has reduced its offering of 10-foot asphalt pavers from four to two. The CR 1030 W wheeled paver replaces the CR 452 and CR 552, and the CR 1030 T replaces the CR 462 and CR562 rubber-tracked pavers.

Wheeled pavers have a standard 16.7-ton hopper capacity that can be increased to up to 27 tons when equipped with an insert. The tracked units have a standard 14-ton hopper capacity; up to 22 tons with an insert.

The operator’s platform now has Sideview, an upgrade to improve visibility. Sideview enables the seat and console to swivel outward at four differing angles. Operators have unobstructed views to the sides of the paver and screed end gates. An open-grate design on the platform floor allows operators to see the screed spreading augers.

Stretch 20 hydraulically extendible screed allows for infinitely variable paving widths from 10 to 20 feet; maximum width is 30 feet with extensions. Electric-over-hydraulic controls make screed adjustments, and Screed Assist System eliminates screed setting to improve mat smoothness.

BOMAG asphalt pavers feature Sideview

Seven-inch, multifunction, color-screen monitor displays operating functions, gauges, and parameters along with fault messages for on-site troubleshooting. Each blade-type toggle switch controls a single function.

Tier 4-F engines use less fuel than predecessors, and deliver 260 horsepower to the wheeled pavers and 225 horsepower to the tracked units. The engine hood is sound-insulated to reduce engine noise, and is sloped for visibility to the hopper.

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