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BOMAG BW 125-5 Compactor


Single Smooth Drum Vibratory Rollers

BOMAG BW 124-5 single-drum vibratory rollers have a 47.2-inch drum width and a turning radius of 88.2 inches.

The new generation of compact BW 124-5 single-drum vibratory rollers, available in both smooth (BW 124 DH-5) and pad-foot (BW 124 PDH-5) drum configurations, have a 47.2-inch drum width and a turning radius of 88.2 inches. The new models are designed for application in granular and cohesive soils and are sized to work on congested job sites. The BW 124-5 models use a 46-horsepower, water-cooled, Tier 4-F diesel, and dual- pump drive allows the new models to climb up to 55-percent grades, says BOMAG. The smooth drum BW 124 DH-5 provides a 0.67-inch amplitude, and the pad-foot BW 124 PDH-5 a 0.63-inch amplitude.

The BOMAG Economizer compaction-measurement system is now available for the BW 124-5 models and is designed to alert the operator of soil-compaction progress by progressively illuminating more LED lights on the system’s light strip, signaling when optimum compaction is achieved. The system also warns the operator of potential over-compaction and helps identify soft spots in the material.

The optional leveling blade features a new control system that provides the standard raise/lower function and also available float and tilt functions. Flexible blade options, says BOMAG, expand the range of applications for the BW 124-5 models to include material distribution, profiling, and leveling. A new-style ROPS/FOPS structure features a four-post design that enhances the operator’s view around the machine, says BOMAG.

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