BOLT Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock for Unattached Trailers


Theft Prevention

The Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock secures a trailer when it's not attached to a vehicle.

It features the company’s patented one-key lock technology that permanently programs locks to the vehicle's ignition key for single-key use no matter how many BOLT locks are being used. The lock is easily programmed the first time the ignition key is inserted into the BOLT Lock cylinder through the use of spring-loaded plate tumblers that move up and down to code the cylinder to that specific key. Made of hardened steel for extra security, lock works with 1 7/8-inch, 2-inch, and 2 15/16-inch couplers to keep a variety of trailers secure while unattended.

The lock is a visible theft deterrent that is designed with a plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping. A powder-coated finish is factory applied to the lock to keep dirt and moisture out while protecting the locking mechanism from harsh weather, the company says.