Bid-Well 4800 automatic roller paver


Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Bid-Well 4800 automatic roller paverAccording to Terex Roadbuilding, the Bid-Well 4800 automatic roller paver, featuring a newly designed truss system, is the first paver on the market to reach paving widths of 200 feet or more. When paving beyond 150 feet, the new paver’s frame is constructed with ultra-high-strength steel that is nearly 120 percent stronger than the conventional steel typically used in Bid-Well pavers. But comparatively, says the company, the high-strength steel weighs slightly less than conventional steel. The proprietary steel allows configuring the paver in a variety of widths exceeding 200 feet. The truss frame transitions from a 48-inch depth at the legs to a 66-inch depth in the center. The new machine features Bid-Well’s Rota-Vibesystem, which delivers up to 5,000 vpm over the vibrating rollers’ length to reconsolidate the top 2.0 inches of concrete. When paving super elevations in excess of 10 percent, the 4800 can be fitted with a pivot-leg option that allows the machine’s legs to be pivoted to a true vertical position, thus reducing pressure on the rails and side forms.