Bergkamp MA20, MA30 Applicators


Slurry Machines

Bergkamp MA20, MA30 Applicators

The MAXX line of truck-mounted applicators includes models MA20 and MA 30 for use with premixed frictional mastic surface treatments and premixed slurry seal. According to the company, a full-length ribbon mixer in the tank helps maintain the proper material consistency during transit, pumping, and spraying operations, regardless of the truck engine speed.

Pavement treatment is applied over the existing pavement through a patent-pending, hydraulically operated, variable-width, low-pressure spray bar that has side-shift capabilities. Hydraulically powered pumps automatically adjust to the truck’s speed.

The MA20 has a 2,000-gallon material tank, and the MA30 has a 3,000-gallon tank. In-cab controls eliminate the need for a rear operator by allowing the driver to operate all systems, including the mixer start/stop/reverse and spray bar start/stop, height and width, side-shift and individual nozzle controls. Application is computer controlled with an onboard system.

The MAXX line operates at less than 40 psi and delivers more than 100 gpm through the spray bar in single-pump mode and over 200 gpm in dual-pump mode.

All systems are powered by PTO-driven hydraulic pumps. The hydraulically adjustable spray bar provides double overlap spray widths from 18 inches to 234 inches, in 18-inch increments.