Bergkamp InPave System Monitors Patching Performance


Patching Plants, Asphalt

Bergkamp InPave System Monitors Patching Performance

The InPave System is an option on Bergkamp Flameless Pothole Patcher to monitor and manage pothole patching performance. Multiple data-reporting sensors are strategically placed throughout the patcher, and data are automatically gathered as repairs are made and transmitted back to the office. Data include quantity of potholes repaired; location, time and material used for each repair; and material levels and temperatures. There is no software to download, and the InPave System data can be downloaded into multiple file types for uploading into pavement management systems.

An in-cab, 7-inch color touch screen mobile data terminal allows the operator to quickly enter the quantity of material loaded when filling at the asphalt plant for recording purposes. Otherwise, the InPave System does not change the overall process for the pothole patcher operator.

Managers and owners can choose the reporting level of detail. Standard reports that show patch location, amount of material used or the type of material used can be quickly accessed for daily evaluation. Custom reports can also be created for overall or single-event needs.

All reports are gathered via three application systems that automatically work together:

InPave Navigo Explorer. Monitors and maps patcher location within the last 24 hours and allows you to click on a unit(s) to see status and details.

InPave Navigo Reports. Provides historical data and reporting based on standard information captured by each patcher, so you can develop detailed reports by selecting specific parameters and timeframes.

InPave Manager. Allows for highly customizable patcher, crew and job reporting based on the information you input and can include repair, machine, material, crew and other summaries and reports.